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About company SP. OOO "DARSINTEZ"


Currently SP. OOO "DARSINTEZ" consists of three founders. Authorized capital of 320 million Bel. rubles (16 thousand $). The company is located in the center of Minsk. It is production workshop, warehouse, office space, laboratory equipment, office furniture, lab.


The composition of the firm: Director, head of production, head of quality control Department, a chemist, a lawyer, a pharmacist. Party has great power in changing the share capital, changes to the Charter, appointment of the Director. According to the Charter of the company has the option to increase its stake.


Activities are aimed at low-tonnage production of pharmaceutical preparations. 

Drugs is produced in accordance with the patent of the Republic of Belarus № 10019. Performance currently stands at 1.5 kg/year, or 1,000 bottles a year. The quality of product higher than the world analogues. Physical-chemical parameters (purity, presence of solvents and heavy metals) compound meets the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of the Republic of Belarus applicable to the compounds in this category. Validation method for determination of purity and amount of impurities in pharmaceutical substances and a number of factory standards was prepared.


Demand in Belarus on the topic of this product is 1000 bottles per year. For course of treatment is required 3 (three) bottles. Price for 1 bottle will be about 170 $.

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